UX Project 3: It’s a Deal


With the success of the company and significant growth and profits, Minacs attracted new buyers, Concentrix. Amongst all the major contributors of this growth and visibility, was the website that had generated a tremendous increase in sales deals.

This led to the next goal of marrying minacs.com and the acquiring, concentrix.com. The business goals were to include the offerings and introduce a lead generation system that would ensure documentation of leads.


We evaluated the current website and understood the consumer base, the competition, and brand constraints. This restricted us in some ways but we were still able to introduce some design and messaging styles that the business accepted. Several versions were designed and delivered based on the current website trend.


When users tested the website, it was evident that the website was now more interactive and provided several reading materials with cross-links. These cross-links led in retaining traffic on the site longer.

Recorded 100+ leads/month

Bounce rates reduced by 10%

More pages per session