UX Project 5: Go Vroom


This application was built for auto dealers to communicate with their customers by sending offers and updates about their vehicles. The dealers could also set up service reminders and book appointments for customers. As an additional feature, the requestors wanted to integrate FitbitTM and NestTM products too.


We had only one month to complete design, this meant we had to expedite our processes to be able to cover research, planning, design, implementation and testing.

Fortunately, we had an approved logo to begin with. To retain our corporate branding, we used the bright teal and white combinations to comply with our company portfolio of applications. These would also match the two external features we were to add. To embed these features into our application, the development team identified the platform to ensure error-free integration. We used simple icons and notifications to keep things easy.

We prepared for this application mainly in 2 specifications, one for the customer (mobile), and the other for the vendor (administrator on computer). To understand their requirements better, we built personas for them individually and detailed out the learnings.

Customer: This application identifies the phone’s location using GPS, uses Bluetooth to connect with beacons that generate videos, and mobile data to display vehicle descriptions using Augmented Reality.

To enable the use of NestTM and FitbitTM, Bluetooth could be enabled through the application too (with option: automated/manual).

Vendor: The desktop application required internet to set up and generate campaigns. This user will be able to access location, customer, offer details and generate customized marketing campaigns for both single or a group of users. Every customer will also receive personalized offers, when they arrive at the dealership.

This webapp would be used by people with low or no experience in digital tools. To assist usage, we used simple icons and navigation methods.


On testing the application we identified minor errors in the AR feature and notifications. With quick developing changes, we resolved it shortly. The primary (sprint 1) release was done in a month and the AR feature was updated a few days later, as an update.

Resulted in a total business of <$5 million in 2017

Top 4 out of 10 automotive retailers in India

Each retailer registered an average of 1500 customers

Turn-up for service and repairs increase by approximately 20%

One company claimed to gain $1 million in revenue for the first month.